October 2013


Breteuil’s branding

Breteuil already had a logo in place but asked us to polish their branding to prepare them for the British market. We chose to refine their French style and create a more consistent collection of materials

The initial goal was to create something to announce their new agency in London. Unsolicited mail can sometimes result in negative feelings towards the sender, with this in mind we wanted to offer the recipients something in return for their attention. This was done by creating an opening event for the agency with drinks and canapes, a sort of welcome to the neighbourhood get-together. This drove the idea of “masking” the flyers as invitations, complete with thick blue envelopes and custom wax stamps. The result was a turnout that was better than expected.

The additional materials were an adaptation of the same quality and feel of the flyer invitations. These new materials were such a nice breath of fresh air for Breteuil that the French branch decided to do a complete overhaul of their materials and adopt the new design.

goat managed to put in shape and colour what we had in the bottom of our minds. And all this in a manner where chance had no place to exist. Attention to detail is what led this project to be perfect, they are completely goat and we love working with them

Breteuil's marketing team