March 2013



Breteuil’s website

A Parisian estate agency opening their first London branch after successfully opening 10 agencies in Paris. For them it was time to go “across the pond” and give London the great service they’ve been offering the people of Paris

Breteuil started in Paris 15 years ago. They saw the opening of their first branch in London as an opportunity to rethink the way they presented themselves online. One of the core goals was to enrich the experience for tablet users, as Breteuil’s visitor statistics clearly showed the shift in the way their website was viewed. 

The idea for the website was to keep users on one screen, making it easier for them to browse through properties. The filter functionality was designed with this in mind and created a more fluid way to search and browse.

The main visual for the properties were the photos, as most users would add their requirements to the filter and casually scroll through viewing the photos. They were sized to be large enough to get an idea of the space being presented with the option to enlarge them to fit the entire screen (allowing space for the navigation and filter).

We also created a companion web app for Breteuil to use when presenting properties to their clients. This web app connected to the custom CMS and allowed agents to “push” properties to a connected iPad in front of the client. This saved the agent the hassle of having to use their computer screen to show a property and kept them in control of which properties the client views. The client then had the capability of navigating through the photos themselves.