December 2015


Interactive report

Digital consultancy for The Art Newspaper

The Art Newspaper has been around for over 25 years and felt it was time to start updating their products to fit in this new age. For this they asked us to “audit” their current systems and make suggestions for improving their operational efficiency and digital products

The audit started with interviewing all the key members of different departments. This was to understand their daily struggles with the current system, the tasks and processes within their roles and what they wish could be implemented to ease some procedures.

Due to the amount of information gathered from The Art Newspaper’s staff and the complexity of our findings, we believed that presenting it in a static, linear form would not be useful enough. We created an interactive hypertext solution that would allow the decision makers to come to their own conclusions about the problem priorities and possible opportunities. It was structured in this way as to not so heavily force our external views on the company, who understand their industry better than any external consultant could. 

The sidebar containing information about the selected paragraph

Due to the sensitive nature of the report we are unable to share a working version but the directions of how the report was intended to be used are as follows:

Paragraphs within the report can be clicked to view additional details about the text within that paragraph. These details include the domains, subdomains, mediums, roles, problems and possible opportunities related with the tasks mentioned in the selected paragraph.

If an item in the paragraph details is clicked then each paragraph that also contains that item will be marked in the report, making it easier to locate related information based on the selected item.

The sidebar containing information about the selected phrase

Clicking on an underlined phrase in the report will bring up the definition of that phrase, present a list of all other paragraphs that contain that phrase and highlight all other references to that phrase. Clicking on one of the paragraphs in the list of appearances will scroll the report to that paragraph.

Hovering over a paragraph will display the statistics of that paragraph: the amount of problems, possible opportunities and roles connected to the tasks mentioned in that paragraph. There is an option to always have the statistics displayed, this can be done by clicking on the cog in the top right of the report and selected “always”. Additional options are “hover” which is the default state that only shows the statistics when hovering a paragraph, “problems” which always displays the statistics of problems and “opportunities which always displays the statistics of possible opportunities.

Clicking on definitions within domains, subdomains, mediums, roles or terms sections will bring up a list of where those definitions appear in the report. Clicking on an appearance will take you to that paragraph in the report.