May 2014




fish4tomorrow’s website

An information portal for a Maltese NGO focused on educating the public on sustainable fishing and seafood consumption

Sustainability, especially in Malta, doesn’t usually get the attention it deserves. With the state of overfishing and the uninformed public, fish4tomorrow needed to get that attention to ensure that people will educate themselves on which fish are recommended and which to avoid.

We hoped that creating an interesting website would bring people to it and hide the assumed tedium of learning about sustainability. This gave us a chance to once again collaborate with our beloved illustrator, Natalia Averyanova, who we trust wholeheartedly with the direction of illustration work.

Natalia created such a beautiful work of art that we didn’t want it to be covered by the content of the website. To solve this we added blocks of solid colour in-between different sections of the background and cut it up into pieces. Each section on the homepage of the website had 3 parts for the background — the top part which held part of the illustration, the bottom part which also held part of the illustration and the central part which held the solid colour and the content. This allowed the content to grow and increase the height of the block of colour, ensuring that the content remains legible.