December 2012




Paul Furey’s branding

What do you do when a potential client approaches you for Search Engine Optimisation? You rename his company, build a new brand, propose to change his website and sometimes spend hours trying to help him sort out an issue with his printer

Paul Furey was one of the first people to trust us with their company’s visuals and approach. With very little in our portfolio he somehow had a lot of trust in us.

Paul Furey’s company was initially named “PEC” (Performance Enhancement Consulting) which we advised that he should change. Not because the name can be confused with a slogan for something you would not wish to be confused with, but because Paul Furey spent most of his professional career under the guise of a large company and wanted to present himself in the way his clients already know and trust, as himself.

It’s always difficult to create a brand for a person, unless that person has some sort of quirk that can be focused on and used to build the platform for their brand. For Paul Furey it was the fact that he always wrote with green ink. This seemed to be a perfect direction to take Paul Furey’s brand, one that could show his personal touch to all the projects he works on without being cheesy.

We gave Paul Furey a set of rules to follow, one of which was always personally underlining each business card. This became a quirk that some of his clients found quite enjoyable as it was a glimpse into his own personality.