April 2016





Paul Furey’s website redesign

Paul Furey became more comfortable with his new brand and continued to refine his point of focus. This also led to a change in direction for his website

Paul Furey continues to refine his approach to the work that he does. With this new comfort in his brand, he wanted to present himself in an even more personal way. This started the conversation of redesigning his website. This conversation lasted over a year, with plenty of ideas being discussed.

While this conversation was happening, we introduced Paul Furey to our illustrator Natalia to help him with the illustrations for his webinars and YouTube videos. The success of their collaboration led us to the idea of using her illustrations and his ideas to serve as the main point of this new website.

Paul Furey pulled several quotes from his webinars and Natalia created the visuals to represent those phrases. The website now reflected Paul Furey’s change and playfulness. With the illustrations being randomly selected from the collection they served as a tool for his clients even during the fleetest of viewings.

Forget everything you think you know about web developers and talk to these boys. I have been working with Alexey and Paul at wearegoat for a good few years now for very specific reasons: they always listen, they stand firm when they need to, they are ahead of the game, they talk my language and above all are just great guys to work with

Paul Furey