April 2013



Student Upstarts’ branding

Student Upstarts is a startup investment and advisory for students and recent graduates on high-growth-potential businesses

We saw the relationship between Student Upstarts and the student teams as a sum of efforts, hence the plus sign. However, we believed that Student Upstarts is more than a plain addition, it serves as a multiplier. Whichever symbol the viewer sees first depends on the angle they view the logo.

Having the content of the business cards at an angle was done to amplify the meaning of the mathematical signs and either cause the person to understand it on viewing or, hopefully, enquire as to why the design was like this. This gave the founders a fun, nerdy response.

The ‘goat guys’, as we call them, are great to work with. Christian and I wanted something special for Student Upstarts and I guess everyone says that when they're looking for a cool way to communicate their brand and what they do. What they came back with was awesome - a great interpretation of not just 'adding' investment and mentoring but really 'multiplying' it and making a difference to people's lives

Matthew Stafford