February 2016





The Art Newspaper’s subscription page

Having already had a relationship with The Art Newspaper, they asked us to create a web page for users to subscribe to the different packages they offer

With us having just finalised consulting The Art Newspaper on their digital products, we understood what this new product required the most. It needed to allow them to change all aspects of the content without being tied down to a developer for updates.

Besides the standard content management tools required they needed to have complete control over the forms that they create. The solution for this was to create sequences of forms which could be “attached” to each package. These sequences were made up of forms that they would create using our form builder and give them the possibility of adding conditions on whether to show each form based on a specified value in a previous form within the sequence.

This meant that they had control over what information they would require from their customers based on information being filled in. The simplest of examples is to hide the delivery details form when the customer states that the payment and delivery details are the same. This gave the marketing team the opportunity to gain very specific details from their customers when necessary.

This website was paired with a custom solution of our CMS that displayed all the data of the new subscribers, the packages they purchased and the promotion codes they used.