July 2014



Publication design

Vitrine’s branding

Vitrine is an art gallery representing several artists focusing on experimentation and installation. The gallery has several spaces and has many collaborations for different events

Our relationship with Vitrine started out with us designing a booklet for their SCOOP event. This slowly turned into a rebranding and advertising project.

The SCOOP booklet allowed us to test the waters with Vitrine. It let us understand how their materials might be used and what worked for them on a small scale.

The gallery used to have three spaces, each one serving different purposes and showing different types of art. We needed to separate these spaces into individual identities while retaining the connection between the three, ensuring that the concept will be flexible enough to work with any spaces that Vitrine might open in the future.

The fourth version was created to serve as a logo for any events or exhibitions hosted outside of Vitrine’s own spaces

We focused around the idea of a space, one where the art is exhibited. The space changes but Vitrine remains the same gallery, with the same people managing it and the same ideologies. What we developed reflected this nature. With the main square shape serving as Vitrine and the elements within or around it serving as the space, positioned based on aspects of the physical space.

The branded materials were then designed to be clean enough to not take any attention away from the main visual being presented.